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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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"i feel good about the campaign... it is close." i sit down with hillary clinton on the eve of the first in the nation caucus. what she has to say about her close race with bernie sanders. "i really want to win..." the g-o-p frontrunner packs the orpheum theatre this evening. and tim joins us from des moines to talk caucus coverage from the media headquarters. razor thin... that could be used to describe what is left hillary clinton's lead in the race for the democratic nomination. bernie sanders is now only three points behind clinton in iowa acacrding to the latest poll . jenna: good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm jenna rehnstrom by this time tomorrow night we may know who has won the iowa caucuses... but for now it is too close to call.
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democratic and republican frontrunners... as both swing through sioux city this sunday evening, hoping to how onto single digit leads going into monday. jenna: we begin with hillary clinton, who spoke to an estimated crowd of 500 people at the sioux city convention center. chelsea clinton joined the former secretary of state as the family has been campaigning in iowa all day. after she talked to voters, secretary clinton sat down with me for a one-on-one interview. i asked her...tonight, i had the chance to sit down with mrs. clinton, just one day before the caucus. jenna rehnstrom says, "are you confident you can win iowa, and are some feelings about 2008 and barack obama's surge at the end playing a role?" secretary clinton says, "i have to say, i feel very good about this campaign. it is close, and that's why it's very important that people who support me come out and caucus tomorrow night. we got good news that the blizzard won't be here 'till after midnight, so you
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because i think so much is at stake in the election of 2016, and i'm thrilled to have the level of support and enenusiasm that i see in the crowds and what our campaign has built, but it all comes down to who shows up tomorrow, and i think if my supporters show up, we can do well, but that's what it turns on." jenna says, "you were on this week with george stephanopoulis this morning talking about the state department's announcement friday that those 22 emails [from your private server] won't be released to the public, because they're deeming them top secret. you've wanted those emails released." secretary clinton says, "right." jenna says, "for a voter and an iowan, hearing all this back and forth, and the issue keeps coming up, should they be worried about how trustworthy you are?" secretary clinton says, "no, not at all, jenna. you know, as i said this morning, as i've said for months, and it remains the
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material marked 'classified,' and i take classified material very seriously. i was in the situation room, advising the president on what to do about bin laden, and this is an inter- agency dispute. it's unfortunate that it's been plagued by leaks and other kinds of shinannigens, but the fact is: it's like bengazi; the republicans kept raising it, but i testified for 11 hours, all the questions have been answered, i can't prevent them from continuing to try to make that something, but i'm going to keep talking about what iowans talk to me about and what they talk to me about is what i talked about here today, and that's the economy and jobs and healthcare and college affordability and student debt and education and the things that are on people's minds." jenna earlier this evening, clinton spoke to hundreds of people at the sioux city convention center. deborah souverain picks up our team coverage of that event. she's live in studio. deborah? deborah jenna, tonight was hillary clinton's final push on the campaign trail...ahead of tomorrows big election. and today in sioux city...she brought special guest with her to help rally
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with just 24 hours before the iowa caucuses...hillary clinton is leaving no stone unturned...and no clinton at home. "hello, hello" chelsea on the campaign trail with her mother in sioux city sunday........and bill...delivering a video message to the crowd of close to 500 people... at the sioux city convention center but the most important message of the night...came from the democratic front runner heheelf. "please go out and ucus tomorrow night, the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty of time to caucus we'll get all the votes counted," said hillary it's the final time...iowans will hear from the former secretary of state before votes are cast in the first in the nation caucus. what's really at stake is a very different set of values and a vision for what kind of country we should be in the 21st century," said clinton for hillary that vision includes,
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minimum wage, tax reform ..... and a plan to make the u-s the world's leading clean energy power house. "there are so many new jobs that we could be creating," said clinton. "i believe this is all possible again because of what i haed here in iowa," said clinton. as those in the crowd weigh their choices for tomorrows' big election.. some are leaving more commited than others tonight . "i like the idea that she's raising the minimum wage if she can" said steven kehrberg "the closer we get to caucus i've been on the fence between hillary and bernre," said debbie delaney, undecided. hillary is a real fighter and i think that she can stand up to the opposition and do the right thing, " said debra kehrberg deborah hillary clinton has maintained her front runner status in iowa... however her lead is dwindling. a des moines register poll released last night...has her just 3 percentage points ahead of bernie sanders... placing the two in a dead heat for the win. reporting live in studio deborah souverain abc 9 news
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on the republican side, the newest des moines register poll has donald trump still at the top with 28-percent. ted cruz behind him with 23- percent. and marco rubio is third with 15- percent. jenna trump was also in town tonight... packing people in for a rally downtown. abc9's jess plue was there and joins us now with more. jess that's right jenna...hundreds lined up down the block of the orpheum theatre over three hours before the recent event donald trump held to help veterans. tonight, at his event, trump presented a check for $100,000 to support siouxland soldiers.
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nominated by a local suporter when trump announced he'd hold an event to benefit veterans last week is des moines. more than six million dollars was raised total. and, supportsiouxland soldiers says this check will help a lot of people. sarah petersen, support siouxland soldiers says, "well support siouxland solilirs started as a care package program about 10 years ago, just right across the street, sending boxes of candy and snacks to the troops overseas and then over the last 10 years we've grown significantly thanks to this wonderful community. very patriotic community." support siouxland soldiers says they're a non- partisan organization, but they're thankful for the support. jess: live in studio, jess plue, abc9 news. jenna now we are going to check in with tim, he is out in des moines at caucus head quarters with an update on how things are shaping up for tomorrow, tim. "jenna welcome back to des moines where a worldwide pool of repoters will be telling the iowa story. japanesse papaers, finland right here will be in
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be tellign the story not only of who wins tomorrow night and heads to new hampshire with a head of steam but also the iowa story. does iowa deserve to keep it's first in the nation status in 2020. with the new microsoft ap reaea to go, both parties say they're ready to as well. "our activists are ready, our volunteers are ready, the parties ready, we're very confident that it is going to be a smooth, accurate, efficient caucus night for the iowa gop and we're excited to send people off to new hampshire and let them continue this process." "i think it's a real testiment to all three of our candidates that have reallly made iowa a priority. we've seen candidates travel all around the state. north, south, east, west and they have gone to urban communities, rural communities and they've made theircase directly to the people. we're really looking forward to a great caucus night tomorrow." jenna i'e here in des moines reporting throughout the day tomorrow. and folks willw ant to stay with us for special coverage including a half hour special at 5:30 and beginning at 7pm, 3 hours of coverage from here at caucus central as well as there in the studio with woodbury county results. in des moines tim
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jenna thanks tim and make sure to choose abc9 for your caucus coverage tomorrow, as we bring you team coverage and analysis. we have specail caucus coverage from 6:30-10 with tim seaman from des moines, in addition to our regular news casts at 5,6 and 10. jenna a beloved sioux city restaurant is set to re-open, after a fire closed it down for business. "i'm not gonna apologize for my emotions cause their strug different ways, but tonight is all about gratitude." sneaky's chicken had a soft open tonight, just for the contractors and volunteers that helped remodel the e restaurant. the quick turn around happened just after 20 days of being closed for smoke repair. the building needed a lot of work, including all new duct work. the vice president of, cw suter, said their team was determined to get things done as
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"all the trades cam together, and really uh got this thing put together quickly and it was pretty awesome to see all the trades come together, get this done and up for dave and the sneaky's family." owner dave ferris was also grateful for his family and staff for their dedication to the restaurant. "the fire was at 9:30 on the morning on january 11th, by 4:00 everyone was on location, every staff member and they have not stopped till 10:30 last night. so my heart goes out to my family and my personal team here." sneaky'seopens tomorrow to the public at 11:00 a.m. with their buffet. jenna: when we come back... find out why the lifeserve blood center in sioux city is urging people to give blood. fred " "
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tomorrow morning... on "move it monday"... we'll introduce you to a group of people who have beaten cancer. find out how they fight every day to stay healthy. plus lukas voss will explore the benefits of working out... post cancer treatment so be sure to tune in tomorrow morning. jenna our local blood bank is hoping you get out and give blood before you caucustomorrow. lifeserve blood center is anticipating an increased need with the snow storm expected for tuesday. if you want to give blood... they encourage you to make an appointment. the number and website is on your screen. you can also walk in to their location in morningside - that's by hobby lobby. lifeserve provides blood to 100 hospitals and facilities the tri- state area. deborah/elisa (fred) a major winter
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siouxland tuesday. elisa elisa raffa m (fred) a blizzard watch is in effect for almost all of siouxland on tuesday. heavy snow and high winds will cause dangerous travel conditions. a blizzard means that mph or higher and produce visibility of a quarter mile or less. a blizzard may have heavy snow, but not necessarily. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a nice looking picture of downtown sioux city
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high and 30 the low today--both above normal. we have 30 in sioux city. local temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. zooming out to the national satellite and radar, we can see our tuesday storm currently over the southwestern us. the stormcast hd shows quiet weather during the night tonight and during the day tomorrow. the snow will start to push in tomorrow evening, becoming heavy tuesday morning and continuing tuesday afternoon before tapering off tuesday evening to wednesday morning.
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that even after the snow has ended, blowing snow will be a concern forecast shows a sharp gradient northwest to totals may still shift storm tracks more to the north or south. this would have a big impact on snow totalal so stay tuned. this is not a final forecast yet. here's a recap of what to expect: the timing will be late monday evening through tuesday evening. heavy snowfall rates are likely. gusty winds to 40 mph will cause
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blizzard conditions. dangerous travel will result. 8-12" of snow is expected in sioux city, with a sharp cutoff to the northwest. for tonight, expect mostly clear skies and a low of 26. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with a high of 38, but snow will move in during the evening. the 7- day forecast shows blustery conditons, and heavy snow tuesday. after that, our weather will be quiet with highs in the 20s and 30s. deborah/elisa (jenna) thanks, fred.
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deborah: when we come back...the musketeers retured to the "tyson" for the first time in 28 days.....stay tuned for the action from their
10:17 pm's because they have.....28 days since their last game at the tyson... today, sioux city hosted waterlooo in the finale of their three-game weekend... beat lincoln on friday, but fell to des moines last
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period...ronnie the pretty feed for waterloo...initiall y....the goal is disallowed....but after counts......1-0 black hawks.... waterloo keeps pressing...shane bowers...the wrap around...and he scores off a musketeer skate....2-0 hawks..... but sioux city gets one back....jake ryzcek takes the loose puck and buries it on the power play....musketeers cut the lead to one.... waterloo just too strong.....liam peca-raro.....these moves should be illegal.....he beats the back line and makes it 3-1 hawks after one...they hold on to win it 5-2. alex today's theme for iowa was bouncing back.....for the first time since february of 2015, the hawkeyes played a big ten game coming off a loss.... it just so happens that iowa's last conference loss came to northwestern....... today's opponent. iowa had won 13 straight regular season conference games before thursday's loss at maryland... 1st half....iowa by one....tre demps.......his name is trey for a reason.....three ball hits...he had a game high 30 points... hawkeyes down by
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mission....he had 12 of iowa's 1st 16 points....he finished with 23 big ones... peter jok was honed in as well.....gets the deep triple to fall off the feed from adam woodbury......hawk s take the three point lead.... then its nicholas baer from three point betcha.....iowa led 42-26 at halftime.... and they kept it rolling in the second half...jok from the corner.....he had four triples on the day....26 points to lead iowa... the hawkeyes have won 14 straight at home......85-71 the final. same matchup on the ladies side........this one 230 miles east in evanston, illinois.... for the sixth time in a row....iowa beats northwestern....... 79-64 the final....all five hawkeye starters scored in double figures.... chase coley led the way with 19 points and seven rebounds. alex in the northern sun conference, the stretch run is underway before postseason play begins..... out in wayne......the wildcat ladies have won seven of their last, they hosted university of mary... wayne state fourth in the n-s- i-c south division....the marauders sixth in the north..... late second quarter...maggie schul-tee.....finds some room off the screen and buries the jumper....wildcats
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halftime....brittan y dietz buries the three for the maruaders....38-22 wayne state at recess.... to the third quarter we go.....rachel weir strikes first for mary.......the visitors opened the second half on an 11-2 run to get within seven.... but anna martensen is a stopper.......great move in the paint for the 'cats.......the frustrtation wears off.. and maggie schul-tee....takes over;...the j rattles home....she finished with 17 points and 10 rebounds to lead wayne state to victory...70-54 the final. in the men's matchup.....mary avoids the sweep with a 99-80 win over the wildcats.... the wayne state men and women return to action on friday msu moorhead. to the mats for a top-25 showdown in ames.....17th- ranked iowa state hosting number 21 central michigan. 133 pounds. 9th ranked earl hall gets the 2 point takedown. he went on to get the 6-2 decision. 165 pounds, 9th ranked tanner weatherman. another takedown. he won with the 8-3 decision to even the match. then at 174 pounds, lelund weatherspoon
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earns the 7-3 decision. then to the big boys with the match locked up for isu. quean smith with the 1 point escape and then the takedown! he earns the 13-6 major decision. isu snaps its 3 match skid, 25-12. as promised, we have highlights of last night's world flyweight championship bout between siouxland native john devall and derrick mandell. in the fourth round, the fight was called due to strikes......quick got a little messy.... .mandell named the world champ.... and in case you missed it, sioux city's own kyle angerman won the world amateur welterweight belt... the fight with cole bates went five rounds.......and angerman took the unamious decision....congra ts and a job well done. " "
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today's picture comes from... the family of ray and arlene ruberg of moville, ia. they're both 94- years-old and are celebrating their 74th wedding anniversary today. if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook page. elisa (fred) here's another look at how much snow to expect. for tonight, expect mostly clear skies and a low of 26. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with a high of 38, but snow will move in during the evening. the 7- day forecast shows blustery conditons, and heavy snow tuesday. after that,
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quiet with highs in the 20s and 30s.
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>> the following is a production of learfield sports. >> hi, everybody, and welcome to the steve prohm show. two games for the cyclones this week, and we're recording this after the big monday victory over the kansas jayhawks. we'll talk about texas a&m and coach going against his old mentor, billy kennedy coming up here in just a little bit but first, coach, any time
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you do it in front of a great crowd
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